And we’re off

So Day 2 of our journey was full of positives as well.

At one point, we hit #756 on the best sellers list and actually started to think about what it would take to get into the top ten. Apparently, Amazon guards its algorithms very closely as one time an author or a publisher decided to game the system and buy a whole lot of one particular book to get higher in the rankings. Alas, we’re poor, struggling authors and instead of buying 1,000 copies of our own book off Amazon, we just decided to encourage others to do the same.

Gov. Bill Ritter (D-Colorado) finished the book and gave us a wonderful recommendation. Here it is: “This book does a great job dissecting one of the most significant shifts in Colorado’s political history. Adam Schrager and Rob Witwer chronicle not just the recent transformation of Colorado’s political landscape, but they tell the fascinating story — from an insider’s vantage point — of the people, personalities and varied interests that were at the heart of it. It’s a tale replete with valuable lessons the rest of the nation would be wise to heed.”

We also continued to get good national reviews and attention. Our friend, Sandra Fish, former Capitol reporter and now University of Colorado journalism instructor is also a contributor to the on-line publication, Politics Daily and she reviewed the book here:

We got a mention on Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire which is huge. You can find that link here:

We continued our blogging on the website of Powell’s bookstore, the great independent seller out of Portland that has a mailing list of hundreds of thousands of people. I got to tell the Aesop fable about the ant and the grasshopper which my father always posed to his law school students. What does that have to do with politics and “The Blueprint?” Well, log on here to find out:

One other astute analysis of what we’re trying to do has come from University of Denver political scientist Seth Masket. You can find his thoughts on the book here:

Have a great day everyone.