Saturday, April 17

So, we’re going to be featured on DailyKos tomorrow: and we think we’re going to get a good review. Ok, we know we’re going to get a good review since the reviewer of the book said on a chat yesterday that “he liked the book.”

Has there been a political book in the last ten years that’s been complimented on the front pages of and We’re pretty psyched about that. We knew all along people would react strongly to the story, but didn’t want to share it in a way that pre-judged it for them. Tell the facts, share the anecdotes and hear from the people involved. That’s the key to good journalism and I’d argue the only reason we’re being complimented on those two sites, who I’m sure have agreed on anything else period in recent memory.

Rob did Mike Rosen’s show yesterday: 

We both did Caplis and Silverman’s show yesterday even though Dan wasn’t there:

We’re expecting a review here in Colorado tomorrow from the west slope paper, the Grand Junction Sentinel.

Have a great weekend everyone.