Time to make the donuts

This whole week’s been a blur for Rob and I, in a wonderful way. No one’s complaining as we’ve been fortunate to get the kind of attention we’ve received, yet there is an element of Yogi Berra’s deja vu all over again when you get asked similar questions from a number of different people and at different venues. It’s like the old Dunkin’ Donuts (miss those out here in Colorado) commercial where the guy wakes up super early to make the donuts only to see himself coming back to bed and saying, “I already made the donuts.”

Anyhow, we finished up our Powell’s blogs this week. They were really terrific to let us do it. If you have any question what our story is about, we hope our five-part blog tees it up nicely… You can find it here: www.powells.com/blog

Rob posted a piece to Huffington Post and it’s on the front page of their Politics section. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/rob-witwer/colorado-a-blueprint-for_b_538337.html

We’ve had a couple events this week already. Rob talked to Mike  Rosen this morning. The two of us will speak to Craig Silverman this afternoon.

All in all, a great first week. Thanks everybody.